• Reviewed by: i-m-joe  on: 23/06/2011
    This place is great!
  • Reviewed by:   on: //12/5
    This has been my "Go To" place for many years. Food is outstanding! It's always tasty, fresh, and ty deliver! delivery is very fast. Chicken & Veggies- excellent, Chicken & Broccoli- excellent, Chicken on a stick, excellent! The only (small) complaint I have is concerning the wonton soup. The soup is very tasty, but the wonton's lack a sizable portion of meat. There's virtually no / very little meat in them! When they deliver they always bring a free thing - Fried Wonton, Crab Rangoon, etc. Delivery is very fast. I no sooner hang up the phone and they're here! It seems as though they cook the food in the car on their way over. (smile). I highly recommend this place.
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